Behind The Artworks: Page 38 - Burning The Midnight Oil (2019)

The idea for the art came from a brainstorm session while we were deciding on a name for the album. We went with the title ‘Burning The Midnight Oil’ coming from the old saying of the same name. We have a retro, simple, gritty sound to us and we wanted the art to reflect that. 

It was done up by our good friend Sabre Harrision. We chose her for her awesome work with icons. A few months back, she completed a 365-day design challenge where she created something every day for a year. In that time she made some awesome icons. We went to her, told her the style, and she came back and nailed it!

The strong imagery with just the lantern in the middle in front of that gritty background with the simple logo and text! Makes for strong, bold imagery that represents the strong bold rock n roll you we make!

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