Interviews: Nik Trekov

In this new occasion, we have had the opportunity to interview the music producer Nik Trekov from the USA. Check out the interview.

1. To start with the interview, can you tell us something about yourself?    

Hey everyone! I’m Nik Trekov – producer, mixer, and engineer currently based in Los Angeles, California.

2. You are a music producer, right? But why did you decide to become a producer?    

I’ve been playing in a lot of bands when I was a teenager. I’ve done some touring and at some point, I realized that being in a band is not really my thing, so I switched from touring with bands to recording and producing them in the studio. 

3. Which bands have you worked with?    

I have been honored to work as an engineer and editor with such phenomenal artists as Fever 333, Travis Barker, Sleeping With Sirens, Waterparks, blink-182 to name a few.

4. Which bands would you love to work with?    

I am really obsessed with bands like Issues, PVRIS, and Bad Omens. That would be awesome to work with them at some point.

5. Which music genre do you like to work with?    

Fortunately, I am pretty open-minded when it comes to music genres, and I have worked with a relatively wide range of genres, from math rock and psychedelic synth-rock to brutal death metal and post-hardcore, and to be honest, that is too much fun.

6. Can you give our readers some tips for starting in the music production industry?

Luckily, there are so many options right now. You have dozens of online resources which can answer almost every question you may have. On the other side, you can go the classical way by becoming an intern or assistant at some recording studio. I did both, and each of them played its own role in my professional development. This industry is very competitive and requires a lot of effort and passion.  

7. Something to add?    

Thanks to you for having me for this interview and to all who’s reading.

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