Track By Tracks: Dead Frog - Burning Bridges (2019)


One of the heavier and shorter tracks on the album, it leaves you wanting more but it also doesn't really give away what you can expect next. That's why we chose this one to open the album. Lyrically, it deals with questions about the line between love and hate and love and anger. with the problem of disguising anger as love and anger as affection. We are trying to explore that underline of dealing with someone else's demons through an emotional relationship.


Extremely fun to perform live, this track is not a standard "headbanger" first. It builds up to the heavier second part trough an interesting "two guitars" solo in the middle. Lyrically, it talks about loneliness, isolation, and finding and confronting someone who can save you from it. It's challenging and confusing to trust and connect with someone after you go trough certain emotional hardships. It takes a lot of patience and time to belong after you've been broken over and that's what this track is trying to explore trough it's 5-minute run time.


As the shortest track on the album, this one would definitely fall under "rock ballad" category. With clean verses and heavy chorus, this track is dedicated to a love story that didn't work out. That's it, it's that simple but still heartbreaking nonetheless.

4. 66TH:

9 and a half minutes long epic, a story about the devil's son who is not evil and his love. throughout the song, he tries to explain to her how his own kind troughs him away because of what he is not and how the humans are not accepting him because of what he is. he belongs nowhere and he's dealing with the choice of losing the one he loves or letting her share his fate. Which is worse for her, that is the question and his only concern. this is something we all need to ask our selves more often about our loved ones.


Another love song, about finding something we lost or never even had. It's about finding that person that we've been searching for all along. The problems and demons we bring to that person, the same ones we came across on that path that led us to them.


This one's heavy! Anger, frustration, perseverance, despair, determination, doubt, hate, love, passion, hope, misery... Just some of the emotions and states you're going through while you're listening to this track and while you are fighting the whole world for something you believe in.


The longest, heaviest and one of the oldest tracks on the album. We wrote this one while we were still teenagers. Musically and Lyrically, the most challenging track for us. One of the defining tracks of our music and us as artists definitely. A story about a person that lost their mind. Madman fighting himself, destined to lose the fight either way. 11 and a half minutes of descending deeper and deeper into madness.


Although mostly acoustic, very dynamic track. Arguably, the most emotional lyrics. One of our favorites from the album. Dedicated to those who believed in this band even when we had doubts and second thoughts. This track is a celebration of those who were always there for others. We, as a band, would've never made it to this point without the ones that were always there for us. Trough this track we are saying "thank you" to all of them.


The oldest track on the album. One of the first songs we ever wrote. Track with the biggest commercial potential on the album, we are expecting a lot from this one. Dark lyrics about a dying hitman with the melodic and mellow atmosphere and a mesmerizing chorus create a unique combination that leaves no one indifferent after they've heard the song. We can't think of a better way to close our debut album. Hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as we did writing and recording it.

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