Track By Tracks: Elektric Mistress - Turn To Grey (2019)

1. Turn to Grey:

This song was originally written as an instrumental a bit before Steve (our vocalist) joined up; we were originally going to go the post-rock route and have no vocals at all, but fortunately, Steve came along at just the right time, and we've never looked back. The song starts off with an ominous synth drone, settles into a mellow groove, and builds into a blizzard of smoky riffing in the last half.

2. Cuba Time:

This song is classic stoner riffing; heavy grooves and wah for days. The song is inspired by a particularly rad trip to Cuba.

3. Meeting of the Minds:

A dynamic song, with another crushing riff and a sweet Rhodes riff as a tasty surprise in the middle. The song is a commentary about the state of the world, and the power of riffin' to maybe make it just a bit better.

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