Track By Tracks: No Room Left - Time (2019)

1. Vortex:

After the intro, which is accompanied by a part of William Blakes ‘Auguries of Innocence’, Vortex kicks off the EP. The protagonist of the song gets lost in the stream and velocity of time and feels completely overstrained. While still questioning decisions from the past and not being able to let them go, present and future demand focus as well – and it’s simply all too much sometimes.

"All the pictures in front of my closed eyes

Are the stream that makes me drown in my own mind”

2. Déjà-vu:

This song deals with the insanity of our modern world and the capitalistic system. Not only the decision-makers of our society fail on a daily basis, – whether it is out of ignorance, incapability or corruption – a depressing majority of normal people like you and me also do. We ignore cruelty that comes with the creation of products we buy because we think we need them. We pretend things in order to get what we want, even if it hurts others – and we keep repeating these routines. In combination with a system that is based on exclusion and exploitation, this downward spiral has gotten us to where we are today.

"We make mistakes, and then they happen again It seems this vicious circle, just has no end”

3. Sandglass:

As people change, the bands are a part of our changing too. Due to a lot of personal challenges that each one of us had to face, the amount of time we had for the band got smaller and smaller for a couple of months. The fear that we wouldn’t be able to keep the band as productive and enjoyable for all of us in combination with the realization of losing touch with some people that used to be quite important in my life mainly inspired this song.

“Heroes changed or disappeared

in the shadows and dust

And I’m afraid

It will also happen to us”

4. Polaroid:

Losing loved-ones to sickness is one of the most horrible experiences one can make. What I found out in the last couple of months though is that people don’t have to die in order to disappear. A dearly-loved relative is slowly losing the fight against Alzheimer’s while I write this sentence. Every day, this person seems to remember its environment, its personality, and its loved ones less. One of the things I am most grateful for about being a part of No Room Left is that I get a chance to deal with such horrifying and sad personal experiences by writing about them – I guess Polaroid is my way of dealing with this one.

"True hell is not remembering yourself“

5. Melting Clocks:

The closing song on ‘Time’ is about an essential problem of our society: A self-created, constant lack of time. Everything always needs to be more efficient, quicker, stronger, nothing is ever good enough, and all things and persons that do not fit into these profiles are excluded and pushed to the side. A status quo that we all experience day by day, whether it is in work life or in private. A status quo that affects us all and creates misery, despair und fear day after day, and that seed ultimately creates hatred and disruption. A whole system fails, and we are all a small part of holding it together while our personal time is slowly running out. 

"Another generation that will never be fine

Our clocks are melting, we are running out of time”

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