Track By Tracks: Waingro - III (2019)

Lyrics for the album are taken from a fictional point of view from the character Waingro from the Michael Mann movie HEAT. So we've expanded on certain situations using the movie as a jumping off point to create a visual landscape for possible scenarios for him:

1. New Colony:

A nice mix of QOTSA style grooves taken to a heavier side. Lyrics speak of making it to the coast with potential cult members in tow. 

2. Red Death:

The second track always needs to be a heavy hitter. It was fun to play into Converge influences on this one at the end. The lyrics talk of Waingro’s recipe for Red Death, which is a form of meth that's swept the streets. It's a shameful thing to brag about but that falls in line with what a shitty dude like him would do. And it’s a recipe that he will take to his grave - what an asshole..."

3. Bay Area Cult:

This is our Summer Jam. Wanted a song that you can hang out and drink beers with your pals and have this in the BG. Also, about warring cults pit against one another in a gang violence approach.

4. Third Veil:

Sludgy/stoner style calling back to early Clutch at times. One of the heavier tunes on the album. Mixes different melodies and style – always a go to on the setlist live.

5. Merrin:

Calling back to our love for Grunge and noisier type Metz rock.

6. Marked Cross:

We always love throwing in instrumentals, so this one is fun to have as a nice slow stoner jam that turns into a heavy hitter at the end.

7. Dead Calm:

High Energy taking into our love of the Melvins and punk. Referenced in the choruses is 'Decades', which are a type of Nike shoes that the members of Heaven's Gate were wearing when they were all found under the purple sheets. I'll await the second coming with decades.

8. The Upward Turn:

A nice sludgy slow clap. A nice dose of heavy rock and putrid vocals.

9. Pacino:

Our only song that is a direct reference to the movie Heat. Speaks of Pacino’s character as he’s on coke doing his job. So, Pacino on coke. I feel the tempo matches this.

10. Monaco:

Again, a nice instrumental to break up us yelling at you constantly. We always appreciate albums with peaks and valleys and hope to achieve that with songs like these. A love letter to Joshua Homme one might say.

11. Greenwater Manifesto:

Just a dirty, sludgy song. Usually, manifestos are written before something terrible happens. This is his.

12. Cardinal:

Our touchstone stoner song to end the album with some 70’s rock with some dirty Eye Hate God vocals. This one is a straight paragraph of lyrics that is almost a prayer of sorts. Not a traditional Christian one, but one that is part of his personal philosophy.

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