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Australian heavy rockers LAMASSU are preparing to release their debut full-length album Into the Empty this September. This collective of musicians features members of Motherslug, Field, Borrachero, and Olmeg, all stalwarts of the Melbourne stoner/doom scene.

On Into the Empty, Lamassu offers heavy yet restrained guitars, thick bass, and unforgiving drums, all glued together with vocals that channel almost ‘Cornell-ian’ reach and delivery. The songs are exactly as long as they need to be, drawing upon themes that challenge human existence in our modern lives. 

Lamassu released their debut single "Under The Watch Of A Crow" in July 2018, which was featured on 2019's Doomed & Stoned Australia compilation. They recorded Into the Empty in late 2018 with producer/engineer/musician Mike Deslandes (High Tension / YLVA) at The Black Lodge Studios in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Into the Empty comes out digitally on September 2nd, 2019 via independent release, with 12” vinyl and CD formats to follow.

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