Band Biographies: RESOLVE

Ever since their public reveal in February 2017 with the debut single 'Exposed', the Lyon, France based quartet has been eager to show their peer that they won’t settle for anything but greatness.

Their strong work ethic and attention to details allowed them to open shows for Architects, Every Time I Die, While She Sleeps to name a few, all of that within the first few months of the band’s stammering career. Thanks to a strong lead-up the campaign, a couple of singles released via the popular YouTube channel Dreambound, and various official Spotify playlists, their debut 6 tracks EP 'Rêverie', released in October 2017 reached peak position in the French Itunes Metal Charts and #5 in the Rock Charts. The four boys spent the rest of their first year as a band touring their home country as well as Europe and the UK, and unveiled music videos one after the other, fulfilling their initial plan of releasing a fully watchable record. Summer of 2018 saw the release of another EP, 'Stripped Down Sessions', offering a different take on some of the songs from 'Reverie', a testimony to the band’s everlasting drive to push further their creative horizon. ‘Carmela’, a single released in November 2018, acts as closer to the band’s first chapter as it is shortly followed by the departure of guitarist Aurélien Mariat. Anthony, Nathan, and Robin will spend the best part of the winter locked away in their studio with a new direction and energy, introduced with February 2019’s ‘Pendulum’, a new single that quickly became a staple in the band’s catalog.

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