Band Biographies: Silver Talon

With a virtuosic guitar attack, a rumbling rhythm section, and powerful, soaring vocals, Portland, Oregon’s Silver Talon is razor sharp and ready to become a major force in heavy metal. In February of 2018, Silver Talon released their first demo track “Devil Machine.” The track offered a small sample of Silver Talon’s ability to masterfully blend hook, melody, and technical ability into fist clenching, head-bangable heavy metal. Their second demo release, “Warrior’s End,” showcases more of their dexterity in riffs, bent time signatures, and lush melodies.

Silver Talon features guitarists Bryce Vanhoosen and Sebastian Silva, Gabe Franco on bass, and Colin Vranizan on drums – all four hailing from Prosthetic Records and internationally touring act Spellcaster. Once said four horsemen of Spellcaster parted ways with their vocalist, they decided to change their moniker and cast a worldwide net for some new pipes. Lucky for them, the caught Wyatt Howell of Sanctifyre close by in Eugene, Oregon.

Guitarist Bryce Vanhoosen explains the path the band is looking to take after the crumbling of Spellcaster.

“We’re basically trying to take Spellcaster a bit more over the top. The songs are more complicated, more progressive, and more aggressive; there are more guitar solos and crazier vocal harmonies.”

Look for a self-released EP from the band, and a national tour in November. Silver Talon currently has a Pledge Music Campaign to fund their forthcoming EP.

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