Band Biographies: Sleeping In Traffic

Based out of Edmonton, Canada, Sleeping In Traffic is a progressive metal band whose artistic vision is built around the concept of change. Nothing in the band’s music is intended to remain static. Each album and performance brings new adaptations and innovations; always playing with the sonic possibilities. 

Influenced by the likes of Between The Buried and Me, Devin Townsend, and Porcupine Tree, they have been manifesting dynamic, and ever-evolving music since 2014. Sleeping In Traffic released their debut self titled EP in 2014 and the full length ‘Feminism’ in 2017 that is a guitar-driven hard rock/metal concept album that borrows heavily from ska, jazz, pop-punk, and classic prog rock. They have graced many stages in Western Canada including performances at Alberta’s Farmaggedon Metal Fest (2015) and Edmonton’s Shredmonton (2016/17).

Sleeping In Traffic is releasing two new EPs in 2019, ‘That Which Saves Us’ and ‘That Which Will Destroy Us’ each with a different character. One explores the darker, heavier metal influences of the band, while the other channels the more upbeat side to their music. Synthesizers will form a core element to both of these releases due on September 27, 2019.

Sleeping in Traffic consists of four members, each with their own unique and eclectic musical tastes, which influence their contributions to the band.

Greg Turner’s unusual approach to guitar is a core element of Sleeping In Traffic’s music. Stuttered, chaotic time signatures and bizarre chord voices in catchy patterns flow from his fingers to form the basis of many of the songs. His use of a multitude of pedals adds colourful timbres and occasionally acts as their own instrument.

Ryan Berehulke carves out a thundering obelisk of depth from his 5-string bass and his tower of speakers. His style is definitive in a way that meshes perfectly with the guitars to provide a wall of reinforcement, yet often also takes the main stage, without ever abandoning the supreme role as the band’s foundation. His ingenuity in his approach to bass playing is indispensable; from the funky groove and raw, pounding roars; all the way to evolving, ambient textures. 

Andrew Bateman is a mad scientist behind a drum-kit. With his intricate knowledge of rhythms, he weaves complex patterns in and around the eccentric time signatures that the music follows. His array of styles ranges from pulverizing metal to pattering, offbeat jazz and everything in between. He is always searching for novel rhythmic cadences and new ways to strike the same drums. He is highly technical, yet playful; often improvising on the spot and testing the limits of his fellow musicians.

Cory Bosse acts as the voice of the band, as well as the source of many of its most unexpected sounds. His bombastic singing style has its roots in the metal music that originally inspired him to make music, yet weaves in a multitude of techniques from the myriad of styles he has explored since. Operatic vibratos flow into passionate howls, jazz scat collapses into death growls and beatboxing meanders into throat singing in a pandemonium of vocal exploration. To help compliment each song’s particular character, he harnesses the power of a host of instruments, including keys, saxophone, synthesizers, and guitar.

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