Behind The Artworks: Frust - Recurring Dreams (2019)

First of all, that wonderful artwork was made by Elena Schulz, a german gaming Journalist and student of Video Game Art an Animation from Bavaria, Germany. 

The picture contains a lot of nightmare-elements, like a lot of people, are dreaming of snakes, darkness, the sea, storms, being alone, especially on the cliff. For me, it was important to show a very lonesome situation, also a dangerous, but a dreamy, not too a realistic one.

The snake wraps around a heart, so it symbolizes my fear, that has my heart in a tight grip, it´s ready to bite and fight for it. But there is this me standing on the cliff, on a rainy, stormy, dark night, all alone, striving against that snake and fears in silence. I love that the person hasn't any face, you can't tell any Expression, but he is there, facing the snake/fear. And it still has a connection to my 2018 EP "Elements" it´s nature-related again, the sea, the storm, the rocks, it has a lot of elements again, except fire, but hey, what is more, firey than an angry giant sea-snake, right? Or a human heart! For me, it really shows a lot of what "Recurring Dreams" is about, the whole atmosphere of the album and the cover are matching perfectly.

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