Behind The Artworks: KinZie - Dead Eyes (2019)

The art behind for our album Dead Eyes was done by Deep Space Devices in house artist, Taylor Adams. Clint (pedal designer, co-owner of DPS) have been friends for awhile and I’ve been a big fan of his pedals since the start of his company. I met up with Clint at a local pedal swapping event and that’s where I met Taylor. We immediately bonded over our love of bands and we got to talking about his personal life. After getting to know each other, I asked if he wanted to do my band’s album art and he agreed. 

We started messaging back and forth about the album art’s direction. At that time, we had about seven of out the ten songs finished recording and we were obsessed with the idea of eyeballs since they are the “window to the soul”. All I requested was using the eyes in a weird and psychedelic way and the rest was artist interpretation. After two weeks, he sent me a text of a doodle idea with the fox head and the third eye. I immediately sent the image to the band and we unanimously agreed that this would be the cover art. I would say another two weeks before he sent us the final design.

The fox head is very fitting to the band to the band aesthetic since foxes has been viewed as beautiful and terrifying in the art world. The third eye represents the experimentation on this album as we weave through every form of rock music possible. When we requested back art, Taylor immediately decided to go with this dream like heaven where eyeballs roam around while the all seeing eye looms on the horizon.

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