Behind The Tracks: Friday´s Spirit - For All That´s Left (Single) (2019)

After an EP titled “Parts”, out since 2017, and another single “TSTT” released back in January 2019, the punk rockers Friday's Spirit are now back with a new single, titled “For All That's Left”.

On this song, the band comments: “The song expresses the idea of fragility in a sense of having to endure loss. Some would say it's part of human nature to seize and to let go of things, but sometimes, someone's not ready.
For All That's Left captures an inner struggle, conflicting, filled with hope and despair, anger and forgiveness, rejection and acceptance until nothing really matters anymore.

“For All That's Left” is now available on major streaming platforms and we really hope that you guys will like it as much as we do!

I've also attached a picture of the band and the artwork. Photoshoot credits go to Art of Sight. Artwork credits go to Laurence Crow.

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