Track By Tracks: Arshenic - Final Collision (2019)

1. Final Collision:

Final collision is a dark, atmospheric metal song with soft verses and heavy choruses. It has melodic vocals and screams in the bridge. The song is about spiritual awakening and what it brings at the beginning - the senselessness of existence, isolation, and impression of being deceived by all authorities. "They won’t understand" is referring to people who live their life in matrix.

2. Dear Remorse:

Dear remorse is kept in a doom-gothic aesthetics with female lead vocals, background screams and symphonically nuances. The story is referring to relationships between people living in their physical bodies and other non-physical entities like ghosts, angels or demons, the presence of which every one of us may sometimes experience. It also can be seen as an expression of loss, despair, and abandonment when someone close to us disappears from our life. This song was promoted with a really cool music video on youtube.

3. Follow: 

Follow is a modern rock-style song. It's a song about sexual attraction that changes into an obsession. The main thought "I will follow you" is related to social media and stalking. Although it's not said outright, the lyrics in verses and chorus refer to supernatural creatures (for example the chorus: "it is me that will bring you the light" - light-bringer - the term for satan and vampires). It's a lite, sarcastically romantic rock-metal song great to sing along.

4. Rabbit:

Rabbit is a rock song with a twist. The beginning of the song sounds like an optimistic funky-ish rock, that changes into dark and heavy riffs with screams. It's a song referring to Alice in Wonderland. Song is a tale about wanting to leave our life and get into the rabbit hole where everything would be better. Where is that rabbit hole?

5. Madness: 

Madness is a song with a dark, Arabic vibe. It also has a monumental orchestral ending. It's a song about dealing with depression and dealing with emotional pain. The main thought of the song is "if it hurts you know you are still alive". I feel so alive - I feel so a.. lie.

6. Sign:

Sign is the calmest song in the album. Lyrics are actually an internal conversation. It's kind of prayer when you ask the universe, or Gods or whomever, to give you a sign when you feel completely lost. The voices at the end of the songs refer to cry when we feel abandoned or lonesome. The purpose of that song was to let people who are in a bad place in their life know, that they are not alone. To make them feel the pain through the notes, and release it all.

7. Atari:

Atari is the only Polish song on the album. Its a humorous auto ironic story about people who decide to live as outsiders. About rebels, who do not want to be a part of the system. It's an expression of how we feel being seen by other people.

8. Cold: 

Cold is a folk metal ballad with cello and violin in the background. The lyrics tell a story about the emptiness that we feel when we are finally finding out want the most after we know we will never be able to have it. Losing all hope is what we all fear the most.


UNSPOKEN tells a story about spirituality. The title "unspoken wish" is a purpose that drives us all, but sometimes it's a need or desire that we are scared to admit and we keep it as a secret or try to ignore it, but it's always there like a "scratch under the skin". The song has a wicked music video with a pole dancing nun, witches, and predator. The occult ending of the song is referring to the "source as mother of all gods.

10. Monster:

Monster is a progressive ballad with an expressive ending. The music video was made in animal rescue in Poland. We wanted to help the dogs that are there waiting for the adoption. The song is very emotional it's about responsibility and being protective over someone.

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