Track By Tracks: Tirade - Nothing Dramatic (2019) - Breathing The Core


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jueves, 29 de agosto de 2019

Track By Tracks: Tirade - Nothing Dramatic (2019)

1. Nothing Dramatic:

Nothing Dramatic is about trying to lose yourself in your passion, when you’re being hounded 24/7 by calls, messages and reminders about the responsibilities waiting for you when you get home. It’s a difficult adjustment to make, and whether or not it’s right, sometimes you just want to shut off and pretend like none of it is real.

This track kicks off the EP with a bang, its one of the faster and crazier songs we wrote for this record and it takes a lot of influence from our older music. This track is a reminder of what we had to offer in our debut EP while introducing newer sounds that will become more clear in the later tracks. 

2. No Time:

Following the theme of adjusting to new responsibilities, ‘No Time’ is about managing the full-time work ethic while trying desperately to uphold your creativity. Everyone finds the adjustment period hard, but when you’re transitioning from a veritable surplus of free time during 3rd-year uni to a full-time job, it can get quite overwhelming. No Time captures this and the embarrassment of how much you’re struggling to just live like everyone else does.

No time is the first instance of us focussing far more on the groovy side of alt-rock; we combined this side of the genre with our passion for solid pop music and it made for a tasty groove throughout. On top of these unison rhythms for the groove, we added catchy hooks in the chorus, a heavier instrumental section in the middle and even spoken word vocals to add another layer to our evolving sound. Hit up the video for the song, here -

3. To Be Honest:

‘To Be Honest’ refers to an earlier phase in my life, where I was getting to grips with conducting myself socially, in a new uni/‘adult’ environment. You hear people constantly telling you to ‘be yourself’, but this isn’t always easy when ‘yourself’ is weird and awkward. You have to put on a facade just to get through and get home where you feel calm. It’s about this process and the inevitable feeling of emptiness that follows.

The musicality of this track really shows how we combine varying genres; the general basis of 'To Be Honest' is “poppy” at heart but when listening, you will start to hear the fusion we tried to create with pop, alt-rock and groove metal styles. We really wanted to create a satisfying pop/rock song that is relatively technical but still conforms to a 'standard' 4/4 time signature. Check out the video, here - .

4. Burned Out:

‘Burned Out’ returns to the theme of my personal post-uni stress. The song is about being stuck in a relationship that’s not helping you, while remaining productive. I found that I fell into a spiral of self-medication, which helped me to deal with the stress, but stopped me doing anything else. I stayed in this relationship to do what I thought was the right thing for someone else, but found myself completely burned out in the process.

If you wanted to hear a catchy banger of a track then look no further than 'Burned Out'! We feel that this is the strongest chorus of the EP, particularly in the lyrics and melody department; you're really going to struggle getting this one out of your head! Wacth the video - ,

5. Well Spent:

‘Well Spent’ is about our overall uni experience. We all had varying experiences but overall we didn't feel that, as a band, we were supported nearly as much as we could have been. Everything we achieved as a band, was predominantly through our own drive. We met some lovely and passionate people, but on reflection, the degree meant very little; industry reps wouldn’t check our grades and by the time we finished, we were only getting one day of lectures a week. £27,000 well spent.

Well spent is definitely the heaviest track we have ever written. This was meant as a finale to the EP to reflect how we would end a live show; we feel like you should go out with the most epic song you have to offer and this definitely abides by that logic. We use a combination of choral vocals, technical riffs and everything in between to break the mould a final time and give you an indication of what's to come!”

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