Band Biographies: Consecration

Consecration is a Death Doom Metal band from Norwich, England.

Daniel Bollans – Vocals, lyrics and artwork
Shane Amies - Bass
Liam Houseago - Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Andy Matthews - Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Jorge Figueiredo - Drums and Percussion



Confirmed to play Under The Doom Festival, Portugal in December alongside Paradise Lost, Alcest, Daylight Dies and Solstice.

The track ‘A Sentinel For The Fragile’ from ‘Fragilium’, is featured in Zero Tolerance Magazine issue #91 Consecration sign to Solitude Productions for the release of our sophomore album, ‘Fragilium’, released on 28/06/19


November saw us play Brighton alongside My Silent Wake on an all-day doom festival.

Late September saw us supporting Vallenfyre on their last ever show in London. September we entered the studio to record our sophomore album. 

Tracks from ‘Remembrance’ were featured on compilations by Zero Tolerance Magazine issue #84 & Necromance Magazine.

June ‘Remembrance’, is released, a digital anthology covering our first 8 years and containing remastered versions of ‘Ephemerality’ and the ‘Gut The Priest’ EP, and a number of unreleased demo tracks, with new artwork for the package. 

April we signed to Imperative PR for management representation. 

February we entered Ashwood studios to demo the follow up to ‘Ephemerality’. 


Saw us focus mainly on writing the follow up to ‘Ephemerality’.

March we played the ‘UKEM Disciples Of Extremity’ all-day festival in York alongside Old Corpse Road & Reign Of Erebus. 

Another highlight show saw us supporting Stahlsarg.


Saw us release new merchandise to coincide with the album ‘Ephemerality’, with limited T-shirt designs. All sold out quickly. 

April 2015 we had a fantastic show at DesertFest, Camden; on a bill including Sleep, Orange Goblin, Cancer, Angelwitch & Eye Of Solitude.

Other highlight shows included supporting Ethereal & Eastern Front


We entered HVR Studios between November 2013 & February 2014 to record our debut album ‘Ephemerality’. 

August we signed a deal with UKEM Records for the release of ‘Ephemerality’. 

October we played DxM Festival at Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham; supporting Absolution and Acatalepsy. 

November we discovered we had one of our live shows reviewed for an Australian publication – ‘Trendkill Magazine’. 

December ‘Ephemerality’ was released on UKEM Records and via PHD for digital distribution. This was also available via Sevared Records & Comatose Music in the USA, Endless Winter in Russia, Amputated Vein in Japan and via a number of other Independents in Canada, Australia, Germany, Greece, Spain & Poland.

The album has been very well received, with the number of plays on streaming sites being very positive. Reviews include: 8/10 - Doomed To Darkness * 8/10 - Northern Darkness * 16/20 - No Noise No Good * 8/10 - * 7/10 - Metalhead.IT


March we had the privilege to be included on the ‘Metal Carnage I’ compilation, showcasing some great UK underground metal acts. This was produced and available via Abyssus Records and was advertised in Terrorizer magazine.

July saw the release of our second EP ‘Echoes Of The Dead’. This self-produced demo was recorded live during rehearsals. The EP showcased 3 brand new songs, alongside a reworking of a previously unreleased track. 

November a career highlight for us all was supporting Esoteric at the Asylum II, Birmingham, a band we all respect & admire. 


February saw us supporting Rock/ Doom legends Leaf Hound in London 

May saw us release our debut promo video for the track ‘Gut The Priest’; filmed, edited & produced entirely by ourselves. 

June we entered UEA Studios, to record all of our new and updated material in demo form. 

August we released ‘Unhallowed’. A self-produced promotional DVD containing tracks from the ‘Gut The Priest’ EP, the promo video for ‘Gut The Priest’, together with teaser tracks of new songs, photo gallery, new artwork, and a video biography. 

2012 was spent writing and playing a number of select live shows.


Consecration was founded in May 2010. After a short period we recorded two demos on a four track. These gathered a lot of interest and excellent feedback, despite the low quality production. 

September we entered Tides Reach Studio to record our debut EP entitled ‘Gut The Priest’. This was an entirely self-released effort, comprising 6 tracks. This had a number of great reviews, including: 4/5 - Zero Tolerance Magazine * 8/10 - Destructive Music * 7/10 - * 3.5/5 - Metal Limited T-shirt designs produced for the release all sold out very quickly.

We have played frequent gigs both locally, and across the country, in locations such as London, Newcastle, Birmingham & Bristol. We have supported Vallenfyre, Godthrymm, Primitive Man, Esoteric, Desecration, Denounce, Ancient Ascendant, Absolution, Decrepid, De Profundis, Stahlsarg, Leaf Hound, Eye Of Solitude, My Silent Wake, Old Corpse Road, Reign Of Erebus & Eastern Front to name a few. Our live shows have consistently been praised.

We have numerous influences, and bring a wide range of styles to our sound. Bands that have inspired us include: My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Novembers Doom, Esoteric, Evoken, Bolt Thrower, Death, Morbid Angel, Carcass & Opeth.


Fragilium – 2019 Solitude Productions

Remembrance - 2018 - Anthology Self Release

Ephemerality – 2014 UKEM Records

Echoes Of The Dead - 2013 – EP Self Released

Unhallowed - 2011 - Promotional DVD Self Released

Gut The Priest - 2010 – EP Self Released

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