Band Biographies: Forlet Sires

Forlet Sires is a (Black) Metal band from Winterthur, Switzerland, formed in late 2013 by drummer Daniele Brumana, singer Kilian Schmid, and guitarist Thomas Hofstetter. At first, the intention was to form a solely atmospheric black metal-based project. However, with the joining of Tobias Kalt, this idea had to give way for a new approach on the genre without any boundaries, while keeping a grief aspect in every tone. Today, the band draws influences from various musical styles to create haunting, yet heavy tunes, with a blend of Post Metal, Doom, and Black Metal.

In May 2014, the band recorded a first demo, which was released as a digital download and very limited DIY tape and cd editions. After the release of the first demo and an odyssey of second guitar players, the band finally found Sebastian Vogt in November 2014 and has a stable line up ever since. After that, Forlet Sires played various shows in- and out of Switzerland, sharing the stage with bands such as Downfall Of Gaia, Forgotten Tomb, Candlemass...

In February 2016, the band started recording its debut album. The album was recorded live at the rehearsal space, with the mixing and mastering being handled by Serge Spiga at THE CLOCKWORK studio in Grenchen CH.

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