Band Biographies: Halo One - Breathing The Core


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domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2019

Band Biographies: Halo One

Halo One was formed in early 2017 when after being several years as a vocalist in grunge/rock band Signlane the band members part their ways and Hannu was without a band. Hannu felt that he needed somehow to channel his thoughts, anxiety, and emotions through music and idea of an alternative modern metal band were birth.

"My first actual band was in fifth grade when we formed a death metal band called Brain Manglers with a few of my classmates." We got highly influenced by bands like Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Kreator, Suffocation, Sepultura, Pantera just to name a few. "I played guitar in that band."

Several years went by and Hannu was involved in several different punk project bands as a guitarist/singer or a drummer. "My favorite one must be a band called Jätelaatikko (Dirtbox/Junkbox in Finnish) that played old school style hardcore punk."

Again years flew by and Hannu found himself in a front position being a vocalist/rhythm guitar player in grunge/rock band called Signlane. "We played almost everywhere in Helsinki and those were really good times." "Those dudes I played with are still my good friends." But when the Signlanes story came to an end it was time to go solo!

"Even though I've listened and listened still today all kinds of music my so-called roots where deep in heavy metal so It wasn't hard decision to start making heavier tunes by myself.""You can say it came pretty much natural!"

"Halo One is who I am and how I feel about things."" It's my way of expressing myself as an artist."

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