Band Biographies: Majesty Of Revival

Majesty Of Revival is a Progressive Metal band founded in 2009. After several demos in 2012, the band released their debut album "Through Reality", which received high marks in the European media, hit first places in several zines such as Legacy, Hard-City, etc. After a few concerts, the band began recording their second album "IRON GODS",  and according to the results of airtime the album enters the annual top of some European web media and receives wide acclaim of critics. Following the release, the band plays a series of live shows, issues a bonus EP consisting of previously unreleased material and goes back to the studio to give birth to the third album. During the record-session, MOR participates in the “Tribute to Sonata Arctica”, which was mastered at Studio57 by Sonata Arctica bass player Pasi Kauppinen. Third album 'DUALISM' released in June 2016 via More Hate Productions/Massive Sound Recordings. During the Ukrainian tour for support the "DUALISM" the band participates in the “Tribute to THERION" album led by Christofer Johnsson.

In 2017 Majesty Of Revival locked in the studio to produce a new album "Timeless". The band creates a new concept with a totally new spirit and meets new business partners. In August 2018 band finishing the fourth album and starts preparation for its release.

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