Band Biographies: Materia Muerta

Materia Muerta is a hxc metal band from Ribadeo, a town in the province of Lugo(Galicia) formed in late 2015 by Nacho(vocals), Queipo (guitar), Diego (drums) and Xoel (bass). Initially, the band only made covers, of hardcore and punk groups, and included some theme of its own, from the beginning of 2016 and until the middle of 2017, performed quite a few shows in the area of the province of Lugo and the West of Asturias.

In middle 2017 the band after just over a year devoted almost entirely to the versions, reaches a turning point and it is from September of that same year that it begins to work on songs of its own and on what would be their first album. After a few months composing and creating new tracks, the band enters to record in April 2018, and would not finish until December of the same year due to different changes that were decided to make on the fly on some tracks. Finally, in April 2019 the band's first work, "Tierra y Ceniza", with a sound of powerful hxc with clear metal influences and lyrics speak of social injustices, abuse of power, natural disasters and call to action in the face of rights cuts and abuse of governments.

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