Band Biographies: MELTDOWN

It is well known that the frostbitten north of Scandinavia is home to countless metal bands. Considering its small population, Norway has given the world an extraordinary amount of quality heavy music over the last three decades. Of course, it probably goes without saying that black metal remains its most famous musical export. But there is more to the country than just frosty riffs and corpsepaint, or skiing, Viking landmarks, and breathtaking fjords.

From the southeastern part of Norway comes the band MELTDOWN. In an area known for its cultural and industrial history, the band sounds just like this: tons of heavy riffs, crashing drums, thunderous vocals that is hard-hitting and bone-crushing metal. A Norwegian backbone, for sure.

MELTDOWN is five guys that brings a wide variety of influences to the music. The band combines several styles. The basis is tough and punchy metal with a nice mix of everything from metalcore to classic heavy metal. From the start we have taken this band our way and are not going to think about what the flavor of the month is, or to fit in this or that specific genre, subgenre or trend. We do exactly whatever we want to do with our music and our approach is very simple: is it good or not?

Formed in 2013, the debut album “Answers” was released in 2017 to many great reviews worldwide. The band received a lot of attention for the cover version of “Diamonds” released 2018.

With a partly new line-up, the band is ready to launch the second album “Deadringer” on October 25th 2019 after successful festival shows during the summer.

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