Band Biographies: QUIET

QU!ET was formed in Long Island, New York by singer/guitarist/pianist Michael Scarabino, singer/bassist AJay Hosking, and singer/drummer Juliana Pitto. The band has been together since 2016 as a three-piece alternative rock band, and they combine each of their unique musical perspectives to craft their sound. As a band full of singers, they embrace three-part harmonies, and share lead vocal duties to express themselves personally.

For the first two years of working together, the three went by the name “Scarabino,” due to Michael starting the project as a solo artist. As the sound and their musicianship evolved overtime, they collectively agreed that their name began to mislead their fans of their identity, and chose to move forward as QU!ET.

The trio rapidly became known for their energetic and passionate live performances, and share the stage with extra musicians performing horn/wind instruments featured in their new music. Over the years they’ve performed with artists such as XEB (Ex Original Members of Third Eye Blind), Nonstop to Cairo, Will Wood and the Tapeworms, and VISTA. On May 17th 2019, debut single “Fever Dream” was released, and the band continues to write and record music today. 

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