Band Biographies: Reaper-X

Reaper-X is a five-piece thrash metal band originating from Corby in the United Kingdom. Formed back in 2014 by original members Scott Austin (vocals), Mark Innocent (lead guitar) and Drew Reilly (rhythm guitar), they set about creating the foundations of what would become the upcoming album release entitled Rise.

In 2017, Carl Sheldrick joined the band on drums and soon after Jake Coles joined on bass guitar to complete the line-up and make Reaper-X a reality.

The completed group released their first single in 2017 entitled Fury In Flames online and as a physical copy which also included the bonus track entitled Reaper. The tracks laid the template for the Reaper-X sound consisting of fast riffs, melodic solos, and balls to the walls metal. With this, the band had shown people what they were made of and planted the seed for what was to come. At the beginning of 2018, they went into Initiate Audio and Media to record what would be their best work to date. With Neil Hudson at the helm, they recorded a full album expressing a number of different styles of metal from hardcore to thrash and even a ballad to show how diverse they can be. The album Rise will be released worldwide via Sliptrick Records in 2019.

Supporting major bands such as Vader, Crazytown, Incite as well as gracing the new blood stage at bloodstock 2019, Reaper-X are on a path to world domination!

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