Band Biographies: Sarpedon

Sarpedon is a Norwegian progressive metal band formed in 2005 by Torgeir Krokfjord (Guitar), Eirik Krokfjord (Vocalist) and Carl Engstrøm (Drums). Sarpedon recorded their First Demo released in 2006. Later on, Eirik Krokfjord left the band and Stan Sylvander was recruited as the new vocalist for Sarpedon and subsequently, the band recorded their Second Demo released in 2008. In that same year Eirik Krokfjord re-joined the band as a keyboard player and backing vocalist.

Following differences and disagreements with Stan Sylvander, the band had asked him to leave, allowing Eirik Krokfjord to take back his role as the lead vocalist and thus Sarpedon continued as a three-piece band.

Sarpedon entered the studio to record their debut full-length album ``Anomic Nation``. Due to some delays, the album was finally released in 2014 via Inverse records. After the release of ``Anomic Nation``, the band decided to recruit a full line up for live shows: Eirik Krokfjord (vocals), Torgeir Krokfjord (Guitar), Daniel Iversen (Guitar), Jimmy Lu (Bass), Carl Engstrøm (Drums) and Daniel Hemstad (Keyboards).

With the full line-up and the addition of a new vocalist Göran Nyström the band decided to start writing new material for their second full-length album ``Before the Nightingale Sings`` and entered the studio in 2016 to begin recording of the new album. Release expected to be in the fall of 2019.

Current Members:

Göran Nyström - Vocals
Martin Langebraaten - Guitar
Alekos Kourmantzis - Guitar
Jimmy Lu - Bass
Carl Engstrøm - Drums
Daniel Hemstad – Keyboards

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