Band Biographies: State Of Deceit

State of Deceit have recorded their debut EP 'Retribuition' releasing in Dec 19, combining all their passions of heavy music, anthemic hooks for the live scene and lyrical issues important to them e.g. mental health and politics. It mixes thrash, groove, metalcore and heavy metal together with a fresh sound recorded at Long Wave Studios with Romesh Dodangoda 'it all sounds really f**kin' cool'. The band have refined their craft on the road playing shows all over South Wales and beyond.

State of Deceit was created from a desire to play heavy music, call out the bullsh*t they see around them and create a legacy. The line up comes from all over South Wales, after numerous changes to get the right guys for the job. Numerous vocalists were tried out, even with Pete Scammell's strong history he was an unknown until the first live performance, where he tore the roof off with his live energy. 'doesn't let you take your eyes off him for a second' -MoMetal. From that weekend State of Deceit was truly born.

The band mix distorted guitars, thumping drums, with clean and growling vocals, taking influences from many metal bands e.g. Pantera, Stampin' ground, Slayer, Kill2This, MH, KSE, Wage War, CoC, Architects, Pitchshifter, Fit for a King, Arch Enemy, One Minute Silence etc...

Having started off playing in Cardiff and Swansea being told categorically there was 'no metal scene anymore' by more established bands and having played poorly promote gigs. The band took it on themselves to fight through the pessimism and organise their own shows. Putting on free shows with established local bands and doing the promotion themselves has shown there is a big appetite for metal in S. Wales, all whilst keeping fans interests at heart.

The band are eager to get their debut out and see how it's received as noted State of Deceit are 'with a roar that could be heard at the other end of town' - MBlade

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