Band Biographies: TAIWAZ

TAIWAZ from Uppsala (Sweden) plays old-school heavy Doom/Metal. TAIWAZ was formed in 1985 by Urban Ferm (bass/vocal), Robert Johansson (guitar), Bjorn Gladh (guitar, left the band 2014), Cristian Osterberg (drums, left the band 2017) and played until 1991, then took a break for 20 years and started back in the autumn of 2011 with all original members, thanks largely to Gottfrid of In Solitude. As a curiosity, the band Watain has made a cover of Taiwaz old song Play with the devil on their single (All that may bleed).

Taiwaz have now two new members, Daniel Johansson (guitar, started 2014) and Daniel Aljaderi Roos (drums, started 2018)

Influences: All kind of heavy music.


LP + cassette (I Am All) 2014 Electric Assault Records.
LP (The Uninvited Guest) 2019 Psykofarmaka records.


Urban Ferm - Bass/vocal
Robert Johansson - Guitar
Daniel Johansson - Guitar
Daniel Aljaderi Roos - Drums

Former members:

Bjorn Gladh - Guitar
Cristian Osterberg - Drums
Fredrik Jansson Punkka - Drums

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