Behind The Artwork: The Colony - Smoke & Mirrors (2019)

The Smoke and Mirrors album artwork is the most graphic and thought out artwork we have done for any of our records.

We didn’t have any ideas for the artwork at all at the time, we only had maybe 4 songs finished for the album, but we knew the concept and theme that the songs had taken so we knew we wanted something that represented our vision. 

Peter (vocals) got in touch with an Instagram artist named Farjar Rahadian (@_architect_) great artist, his work is unbelievable. We were in talks with him for about 2 weeks and then sent our demos over to him so he could get the feel of the album and from the first demo, he knew exactly what to do. We explained the Smoke and Mirrors concept and he just nailed it.

The concept of Smoke and Mirrors is all about mental health and how people are starting to actually pay attention. A few members of the band have had difficulties in our private lives but like most, we hid behind a smile and said everything was fine when it wasn’t. One day we just had a talk and we just said what was on our minds, we’re meant to be best friends in the band and yet we didn’t talk about what's going on in our own lives outside the band, it got pretty bad for some of us.

So the metaphor behind Smoke and Mirrors is about the deception and the fake smiles and the many faces people hide behind when they are suffering on their own. Because of this album is very personal and emotional to us but also it’s a more mature sound than previous albums.

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