Behind The Artworks: Eigenstate Zero - Sensory Deception (2019)

O boy, I had plans for the artwork so I commissioned it to Fendieart who happily accepted it. After 3 months with lackluster communication and a couple of updates, this individual discontinued all communication and updates. Just like that, left me hanging with nothing. Very unprofessional, cost me at least a 2-month delay. So, in the end, I had to do the artwork myself, which is something I did not want. Luckily I have a background in photography and digital art so even though I am not incompetent, stylistically I am not my first choice. :) Stressful times. Thumbs down!

Regarding the artwork, I tried to convey a SciFi feel and used symbolism that connects to the lyrical content of the music, simple as that.

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