Track By Tracks: Cell - Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos (2019)

1 - 2. The Rise Of Gorthar and Defiling The Ancient Hierarchy:

The first two tracks are based on the pagan race performing an incantation to Awaken the ancient demon Gorthar. They did this so the Demon would help them destroy the high race and bring them back into power, keeping their people and the land from dying. In the first song, you can hear a storm brewing while they open up the pit. You begin to hear a bunch of soul scream in pain and horror as they exit their eternal home for the few minutes that they have. Gorthar is essentially the god of Death, Pain, Blood, Fear and War. 

3. All I See Is Them:

This whole song actually has to do with one of my very close friend's everyday experience with Schizophrenia. While sober he’ll normally see these “shadow people" that appear out of nowhere. They watch him, talk about him, laugh at him and make his life a living hell. I integrating his experiences into this song to show that something seems like a fantasy/sci-fi story is something that a normal being has to experience every day within their reality. The story follows a young being of the pagan race that suffers from this same fate and is tapped into the shadow realm of this world. He and a select few others can see these evil beings appear to terrorize his life and the loved ones around him.

4. The Wailing Sea Of Emptiness:

This song is about the pagan race crossing the wailing sea to get to the valley of Assimilation. Within the valley, there is a wormhole that can transport any being to the realm of the Frost King. It is not a quiet ride while crossing the wailing sea of emptiness, only desperation and the curdling screams of the souls that are trapped there for eternity. Long ago before the high race started taking over, everyone was in harmony and lived together as one. Over the years there were less and fewer people that prayed and believed in the gods of the old world and that made them extremely upset. The god of gods grew tired and angry of this and trapped all the souls of the beings that stopped believing into one of the biggest seas of the world for eternity to show that the gods still existed and carried all the power that Xarbonites feared.

5. Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos:

This song is an interlude but a traditional song that is played among the people of Xarbon before entering into war. It helps them start their ritual that will ensure the survival of their souls and safe passage into the NetherRealm.

6. The Valley Of Assimilation:

This valley is a place where none of the Xarbonites dare to travel too without some sort of black magic to protect them. A massive dome-like energy covers a chunk of the land where the valley resides and lives. It’s one big collective hive mind power that engulfs any bio celled organism and changes it to its own cells, assimilating all things. Having to travel through the valley so they can get to the portal that takes them into the realm of the Frost King, the pagan Xarbonites use an incantation to guard their selves against any cell altering powers and assimilation. A few, unfortunately, don’t perform the incantation properly and slowly start becoming one with the land and turn on all of them.

7. God Of The NetherRealm:

This song was written for a close friend of mine that passed away on June 2017, it devastated me and many friends within our music scene in Winnipeg. He was a big push for Cell and inspired us to go harder every day and every show. In this song, his soul travels to the NetherRealm(the in-between where your soul moves forward into the next dimension) and he encounters the one who sits on the throne there. He then goes forward and challenges the god of the NetherRealm to combat and wins. When one dethrones the god of this realm, they now have to take the mantle and rule.

8. Altering Matter In The Realm Of The Frost King:

The Frost King has been terrorizing and it’s multi-dimensions since the dawn of time. One he gets sick of his current worlds nutrients and most of the things die off on it, he moves on to another world so that he can terraform it. He’s so powerful that he’s able to transport his whole castle to each world just with his mind. Aside from matter manipulation and wormhole creation, the Frost King can also withstand any physical damage, heal from anything and never age. He came into this power by absorbing the old gods that existed in his dimension and time. The old gods that survived ended up defeating him and banishing him to another dimension and galaxy to feed on other worlds and until there is nothing left there. At that time he wasn’t able to travel back into their dimension but over the many millennia, he gained that knowledge and power to do so. The pagan Xarbonites head to his realm so that they can capture the frost orb that contains his many of his powers to help them reclaim Xarbos. Little did they know that the Frost King was awaiting their arrival. A small number of them succeed to steal the frost orb and travel back to their dimension to begin their conquest of Xarbos.

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