Track By Tracks: Eigenstate Zero - Sensory Deception (2019)

1. Fringe:

Fringe is a newer song and the first song were I opted for A-tuning. Very pleased with the melodic content. A catchy, feriocious little cut that I knew would be the first song of the album. Lyrically based it in the futillity of existence I injected into it ideas from the classic sci-fi movie Event Horizont. 

2. 1984.2:

This was written mid 2018 and was the first time I tried droptuning, in this case C# with a B-drop. That resulted in a somewhat neoclassical melodicism and together with the dystopic sci-fi sensitivities works well with the lyrical content, a conceptual direction based on a scary piece of literature.

3. The Nihilist:

At one point I was pushing out songs and riffs at a very fast pace and I felt that I got stuck in the same repeting song-structures. This one was yet another 3.30 minute song, good melodies but quite boring structurally. So I decided to keep building it until a minimum of 10 minutes was reached. Lyrically it continues where 1984.2 left of, commenting on both social and existential extremes. Fiveer guestsolo. C# standard

4. Eigenstates:

Conceptually we are talking science, the simulated universe; you know, The Matrix. Melodeath. B standard if I am not mistaken.

5. Zentropic:

The working name was Sect and that´s what it touches upon lyrically. The search for meaning and the extremesthat can develop. Proggy tendencies, acoustic guitars and an orgsansolo. Used Fiveer to purchase some female vox for the end. B standard ? Probably.

6. Communion:

Communion touches upon a variety of subjects such as illuminati, religion and social engineering. Like all my lyrics they are straight up poetry. Tried some different stuff for vocals. Fierce melodeath I would say. B standard, bit I think an alternative tuning for the fast part also was used. Can´t remember exactly. 

7. Godeater:

An older song. The first tremoloriff is the first thing I ever wrote for this project. My Morbid Angel-roots nurished some of the creativity at this juncture. Another guest solo purchased on Fiveer, I really like to work like that. A bit misplaced in the grand scheme of things but I like it. Religion. B-tuning, maybe A, who knows.

8. Strangelets:

Strange days have found us! Frome the getgo I set ut to reach 10 minutes, a rule basically. It makes songwriting more challenging and interesting sometimes. A mishmash of influences fight for room here, also managed to get a nod in to my old friend Henrik (RIP) through a melodic quote from one of his riffs. Jazz, prog and deathmetal. Science, sci-fi and biblical conundrums make up the concepts here. I got to use the word "schadenfreude", what a treat! In tune.

9. Transhuman:

Transhuman Tertiary Ecosphere, that was the workname. Another song with rules. 10 minute+, sci-fi, overt eclecticism. Jazz? Yes. The lyrics? Well, the singularity, the very evolution of mankind. Guests from Fiveer, including a long pinkfloydish solo and a saxophone for a undeathmetally and swingy end. It will bother people. Different tunings. A? B? G#?

10. Comatorium:

Information overload dressed in death metal prog. B with A-drop. Unconnect the dots!

11. Decoherence: 

Melodeath and scientific poetry, pretty straightforward stuff. B standard

12. Wrath:

Into the heart of darkness. Old-school death metal and doom psychedelia. Doppelganger! Out of tune. Fringes. A repeat of Fringe, unplugged. ”

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