Track By Tracks: The Less Fortunate - The Less Fortunate (2019)

1. This Is Who We Are:

Represent who we are as people and what we grow through to do what we enjoy. Being in the struggling middle class, overcoming Adversity in our work and daily life to make music is basically what The Less Fortunate is about.

2. Vice Versa:

Digs into the past of torn apart relationships often between loved ones and family members. Finding yourself in a dark room with feelings of resentment and abandonment eating away from the inside, wondering if things could have been different. Later realizing that holding on to such feelings is not healthy. Coming to terms with mistakes that have been made and understanding the feelings cam/may be mutual. It's about overcoming your past and learning people will come and go and how you handle it is up to you.

3. Levels:

This one could have multiple meanings for the listeners. It's about the different levels of how people live in a society with separate mindsets that are consistently colliding with another.

4. Alive: 

Explains the journey of fighting inner demons such as anxiety or depression from holding you back and breaking those chains to a new way, a new life. 

5. Don't Kill Me Bill:

Dealing with the darkness within your yourself and feeding to much into your negative emotions.

6. Black Butterfly:

This song is about fighting the self-doubt put onto you by others. Strangers or family don't allow them to hold you down. Sometimes you have to break free and fly on your own.

7. Utilities:

Realizing the reality of greed our structure of society is built around, and the seemingly never-ending cycle of day to day work life.

8. Inside The Mastermind:

Sometimes your own mind is your greatest enemy. This song reflects past events that have impacted your life, causing you to relive them over and over again. Don't bow to them, they belong to you.

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