Track By Tracks: MELTDOWN - Deadringer (2019)

1. Walls Down:

Mainly written by our new lead guitarist Tor Audun. It has catchy, heavy riffs combined with melodies and a breakdown. We feel it is a very good album opener.

2. Who I Am:

A song that is both up-tempo and in-your-face, but also have a lot of melodies and variety on vocals. We like to combine the heavy and fast riffs with melodies, breakdowns and a lot of different vocal techniques. This song has all of those ingredients.

3. Deadringer:

This the title track on the album. The song was written a couple of years ago and re-arranged a bit for this recording. It has lots of heavy riffs and breakdowns. Perhaps one of the heaviest tracks on the on the album. 

4. Bleeding:

Another heavy track, but a little bit slower tempo than the previous songs on the album. A monstrous breakdown combined with melodic choruses.

5. World Unseen:

Maybe the most experimental song on the album. We have added a lot of different riffs and atmospheres here. But make no mistake: it has all of our ingredients with heavy riffs, melodies, leads, and different vocal techniques.

6. Conspire:

A right in-your-face song with very melodic choruses. A thundering breakdown adds to the dynamics of the song.

7. Safe Haven:

This could have been a sweet ballad in another setting, instead, it has wonderful growling vocals and really heavy riffs. Combined with strong melodies on top of it and guitar solos. The song really adds to the variety and dynamics of the album.

8. Senses Overload:

This is your moshpit favorite. Uptempo, heavy riffs, breakdowns and melodies. What's not to like?

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