Track By Tracks: Stozhar - Holodom Bitv V Obyatya Zimy (2019)

1. Rage:

A track dedicated to berserkers, their fearlessness and courage, warriors terrifying the enemy.

2. The cold of battles in the arms of winter:

This track betrays the strength, power, grandeur of the elements, piercing the cold of winter winds, frost, cold, north.

3. The cold spilled over:

A kind of continuation of the theme of track 2.

4. Nights round dance:

This track immerses the listener, in the dark side, in the world of the Navi gods.

5. The voice of swords:

A track praising military prowess, feats of ancestors, military prowess.

6. Slavic power:

I think it’s not worth explaining the meaning of this track, and so it is understandable.

7. Memory:

A track that requires no explanation.

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