Band Biographies: Āter

Āter started in 1996 as a solo project. It didn’t do much because the artist, Wesley Beernaert, often had the opportunity to join touring artists as lead vocalist.

Somewhere in 2004 it seemed as if Āter was going to turn into a band, in reality it only left Wesley Beernaert with session guitarist Mantorok. They both finished the ep + Wesley wrote some 12 extra songs…. Then the worst happened, a flood… All pc’s were broken.

Years later while moving Wesley found an old hard drive, broken, and recovered 4 songs, remastered them and replayed the bass and some guitar parts. And there you go. The EP ‘Vullighied’, written in an almost 1000 year old dialect of Flanders. A bonus song was added to the end. The ep was released on most digital platforms (see link below) but the physical version, which will be printed on demand, has an extra intro and song and included different variations of custum picks, stickers and patches ad a bonus.

Meanwhile, Āter is no longer a solo project. Wesley has had the incredible luck to have had been approached by people way more capable then himself to write songs and record them. This EP has been released because history should not be lost, and it interludes the new Era of Āter as a new band. Expect similar music but with an emphasis on melody x 100, 2 guitars instead of one, and goosebump inducing-melodic riffs. Link to listen to samples and buy the album + info on which platforms “Vullighied” is available:

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