Band Biographies: FECALITY

A long time ago far beyond the galaxy, The Great Farts were blown. In January 2010 they reached the Earth and in 2011 the band named FECALITY was born in Chernihiv, the north of Ukraine. The band formed of hardcore and death metal scene veterans of Chernihiv.

The first EP was released in 2011 and FECALITY quickly became known in the metal community of their town followed by a series of concerts. 

The first full-time studio record "Ganzolder On A Moustache" was released in December 2012 supported with Home Video film which was not released on DVD in 50 countries.

FECALITY starts to enslave the country and rule the Galaxy. Unprecedented success fell down like an avalanche. Live concerts always took place before huge crowds of 20-40 people. FECALITY played their shows at best venues and best festivals of the country. Every show is an unforgettable event accompanied by huge sound punching your balls. It would beat the shit out of you. And one time even titties were shown!

In 2013 new bassist Dmitry joined the band. Big tours, girls, drugs and tons of alcohol have not become an inalienable part of FECALITY's life, so there was no need of drugs rehabilitation and other crap. A few bottles of whiskey is not a big deal, right? Then some stuff took place which is not your goddam business!

In 2019 FECALITY release their long-awaited album "It's Only Smellz…". Yeah, sure... awaited... by whom... 2 or 3 people? Members of FECALITY? Anyway, it was done. So enjoy!


Slava – Guttural Noise
Yurii – Roaring Guitar
Alex – Braincrushing Beats
Dmitry – Earthshaking Bass

Former bassist – Serg

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