Band Biographies: HELLIXXIR

[HELLIXXIR "Corrupted Harmony" - january 2012 - Symbol Muzik/Season of Mist] Matthieu Laforêt [guitars] Camille Marquet [bass guitars & vocals] Romain Charbonnier [drums] Arnaud Loubry [guitars] With an intimate but definitely incisive atmosphere, "Corrupted Harmony" draws strength from a wholly visible and pervasive darkness. The album, as an object, represents the symbolic materialization of negative personal emotions - fear, sadness and hatred - giving this project a purposefully egocentric dimension. Lastly, this is a tribute to Camille Marquet, singer and bass player of the band HELLIXXIR, whose sudden death sadly echoes the very essence of "Corrupted Harmony". 

[HELLIXXIR "War Within" - february 2007 - Brennus Music/Socadisc] Matthieu Laforêt [guitars] Camille Marquet [bass guitars] Romain Charbonnier [drums] Alex Ploton [guitars] Julien Tournoud [vocals] "War Within" is a concept album that deals with the theme of Human Behaviour when sick. Immersion in a chaotic world where each individual is contaminated by a parasite, making them unpredictable, irrational and violent. Partially awake, Mankind questions its actions and its future, starting a true inner fight: "War Within".

[HELLIXXIR "The Cypress Forest" - june 2003 - Rybsound/Jungle Production] Matthieu Laforêt [guitars] Julien Tournoud [vocals] Sylvain Deplette [bass guitars] Jean-Marc Combalot [guitars] Damien Mathian [drums] Recorded in March 2003, this 6-titles first demo follows a very particular construction: "The Cypress Forest" is a metaphor symbolising a very destructive battle which took place during the American Civil War. It is the material expression of destruction taking place during war, leaving only a field stained with blood and corpses. The concept is extended to a cynical vision of today’s world.

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