Band Biographies: Quiescency

Quiescency is a studio Technical Metal project founded by musician Dmitry Ustinov in the spring of 2015 in Kyshtym, Russia.

When writing the material a little later, Dmitry’s old friends, drummer Yevgeny Sokolov (AdA, Disfigurement Of Flesh, Autopsy Malice, Decomposition Of Entrails), as well as guitarist Egor Krotov (Scumsters, AdA, ex.Decomposition Of Entrails) join the group.

In July 2016, Sergey Raev (Amatory, Triumphant, Obscure of Acacia, Celestial Meridian) became the vocalist of the group.

In July 2018, the band's first single, ‘The Final Embrace”, was released. September 8, 2018 release of the second single "Within the Chaos". October 26, 2018 is the last single "Facing the Creator". The release of the first full-length album "Message for Lamb" took place on the label "RUMF Productions" on January 26, 2019. "Message for Lamb" was warmly received by critics and fans of the group.

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