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Reido have been around since 2002. The band was founded in Minsk, Belarus, by Alexander Kachar and Anton Matveev. The first album was called "F:\all" and was released in 2006 by the Russian label Solitude Prod. The style of "F :\all" could be described as funeral doom with some industrial and avant-garde elements.

In October 2006, a single 12-minute track "Detect Memory" was recorded for one of Belarusian underground compilations. The track never became part of any album. It sounded closer to doom death with some industrial elements and rhythmic experiments.

Unfortunately, Reido couldn’t accept invitations and participate in any fests because of line-up problems. It turned out to be extremely hard to find musicians needed to play live. So the band concentrated on the second album, which turned out to be very different from the 1st one. "Minus Eleven" was made in the vein of sludge doom/math metal rather than funeral and in November 2011 became a release of Slowburn Recs, which is a Solitude Prod’s sublabel.

After 7 years of silence, Reido have recorded the third album. It is called "Anātman". The album is to be released in CD-format on Aesthehic Death on 18th October, 2019. "Anātman" was recorded in Anton Matveev's home BlastWave Studio and contains 6 tracks, 60 mins. For the first time Reido have printed the lyrics of the songs in the CD booklet. All the graphic design was created by Vladimir Smerdulak Chebakov.

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