Band Biographies: SYR DARIA

SYR DARIA is a French band born at the end of 2007, of the meeting of the guitarists Michel Erhart and Thomas Haessy, joins by Christophe Brunner on drums and Guillaume Hesse as a singer and bass player. Recording their first LP wich called “Circus of life”, brought out in January 2011 and the second in 2016 called “Voices” distributed by BRENNUS MUSIC label.

The group occurred on various stages:Stage of Grillen (festival orgy of influence), in the Triangle to Huningue, caf conc of Ensisheim , guest of Freedom Call (5 dates), Tankard, Paul Di Anno, Absolva, Special guest of Scorpions at Colmar in august 2011 ….

The band even claimed news sounds such as Thrash and Heavy, even Pop and Rock style but remains groovy and powerful. The VOICES themes are just like the band, varied and limitless: the clowns are still here, exploring the complexities of human psychology, but VOICES is also a journey into the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and it analyzes particular dailies laps of time, or even contemporary SF literature ... VOICES is a truly powerful album, a wonderful mix of traditional metal but also evaluating towards modern musical styles.

The results is a powerful music and a crazy band on stage...

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