Behind The Artworks: THIRD CHAMBER - Harvesting Our Decay (2019)

Shane Hawco (vocalist): I wanted to Illustrate a summary of humankind’s sunset and current trajectory toward obliteration. We continue to physically shape the world in ways that are irreversible and severely impacting all life in a profoundly negative way. The evidence of the Anthropocene can not be denied, and the effects plague our environment. The extremes of our endeavours surround us and in turn, will become the markers of our demise. Nuclear towers, refineries of fossil fuels, open pit mines, scars of unnatural materials that litter the landscape are just a small sample of how we have created the new epoch. We are liquidating our precious resources for the glorified promises of a prosperous economy and the dream of endless wealth. It’s a shallow tale that can only end with the earth finally cleansing our disease from its soil and the scars slowly healing after our extinction.

Artistically I wanted the work to stand out from the crowd of monochromatic photo bashed covers that seem to be popular in today’s heavy music community. I embraced mixed media with a focus on the linework. I washed them with a subtle yet gritty saturation of translucent colors that emulate the light of sunset and emphasize a feeling of dread to accompany the “Memento Mori”.

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