Behind The Tracks: Below The Bottom - Only Death Remains (Single) (2019)

"Only Death Remains" is a song about the sickness inherent in the human condition and a statement that this sickness should NEVER be adhered to.

The lyrics of this song were based on a poem, which speaks of a man so arrogant and prideful he believed everyone else was beneath him and should grovel at his feet. If they refused to acknowledge "his superiority", he brought an untimely death to them, as he regarded them as "wretched".

This brings us full circle to the man (who wrote the original poem) T.J. Lane was. A man so sick he was capable of inflicting a horrible fate on his peers and then mocking their loved ones in their mourning, with abhorring statements.

We wanted the pace of the song to be slower among other tracks, to signify the darker vibe of the lyrics.

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