Interviews: The Anchor

In this new occasion, we have had the opportunity to interview the Metalcore band The Anchor from the USA. Check out the interview and follow the band on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1. Where did you get the idea for the band name, you planned it or came out just like that?

We sort of came up with the name when we were talking about how we wanted to portray ourselves to our fans. An anchor holds a ship in place in a storm and we wanted to be a band that can help hold people in place during their storm. 

2. Why did you want to play this genre?

We pull from quite a few different genres into our music, however metalcore always spoke to us the most. There is a deep connection and sense of community that surrounds this type of music.

3. Did you know each other before the band was formed?

Cory, Ryan, and myself(Linzey) played in a band together before forming the Anchor. Adam and Sham joined us a little later down the road.

4. Each band member favourite band?

My favorite band is tied between The Chariot and My Chemical Romance. Cory's is August Burns Red and One Direction. Adam's is The Amity Affliction. Ryan's is Parkway Drive and Gin Blossoms. Sham's is Saosin. So we're all pretty diverse when it comes to musical influences.

5. Who or what inspires you to write songs? 

We pull all of our inspiration from stories we hear from fans and some of our own. When we were thinking of what this band wanted to be, we really thought about what music has meant to us. We could sit in a room or put headphones in and kind of get lost in an album or a band. It was as if we were a part of the band we were listening to. We wanted to bring that to our music and then expand on it by showing our fans how much we appreciate and care for them. Things like responding to as many comments as we can, having thoughtful conversations and being a part of there lives. I have been invited to a lot of weddings haha. I think one thing that we have learned, and now believe, is that the whole music experience is meant to be shared. We don't want to be gods or above the fan. We are literally the same people that have problems, anxieties, and loss. We want to share the burden with each other. That's how we can make it through all this.

6. Where was your last gig?

Topeka, KS at the Boobie Trap Bar. That place is definitely our second home. It's always a freakin party when we come through.

7. Where would you like to act?

Anywhere! We love adventure, regardless of where we end up.

8. Whom would you like to feature with?

Um... that's easy. Lady Gaga. Duh

9. Whom not?

Cory... He's a terrible singer...

10. Any of you has ever suffered from stage fright? Any tip for beginners on how to beat that?

Every now and then. It's usually the smaller shows that make me the most nervous. When it's that close up and intimate, it can be super intimidating. If I had any protip, it would be to just smile and have fun. If you're having a good time, other people will too.

11. What bands have inspired you the most?

All sorts of bands. It depends on where we are mentally when writing music on which bands we turn to for inspiration. 

12. What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you for?

Our fans tend to give more than ask. We've received some super thoughtful gifts. Mostly food now that I think about it haha. Oreo's, cereal, homemade cookies, all sorts of things.

13. What do you think of your fans?

They are the most AMAZING people! Every fan we have ever met has always been incredibly kind and down to earth.

14. What do you think of our site?

It's dope fam!

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