Track By Tracks: HELLIXXIR - The Black Fortress (2019)

The Black Fortress is about loss of self, ordinary madness and absurdity of today's era expressed in a sharp and dark Thrash-Black metal. It also refers to the band's headquarters, an old manor house in northern Isere that has a certain historical past, in which HELLIXXIR composed and recorded this third album.

Oxymoronic is about the permanent contradiction between acts and morals, leading to the complexity of human existence, nearly schizophrenic.

In Parapraxis, the narrator is overwhelmed by his own unconscious that forces him to commit monstrous acts that he cannot stand nor recognize: is he sinking into madness or is he finding excuses to free himself from this?

Black Fortress and Wolf Behind Bars are metaphors refering to the band Hellixxir in its headquarters.

Tat Tvam Asi draws from the antique wisdoms of India (Vedas, Upanishads) which consider that humans are constant subject to the world illusion (maya) through various phenomenas, but that those are actually different facets of the same entity.

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