Track By Tracks: IRONTHORN - Legends Of The Ancient Book (2019)

1. A New Day:

The album opens with this instrumental intro that transport you directly to the dystopian world that it became after many racial, political and economic wars, where the rain burns like acid and the air is so thick and dirty that people can barely breathe.

2. Legends:

In this song we want, in a very simple way, to pay tribute to different groups and musical personalities that in various ways, have influenced the life and music of Ironthorn. It is a mix of titles, names and quotes from different bands, that have made the history of music and we’re using this song as a way to thank them.

3. Werewolf:

It’s a way to dispel the myth that figures a given musical genre, paying particular attention to metal music clearly, being judged to be a group of people devoted to evil and bad intentions, without knowing that sometimes are those who profess good and charity, to be the true advocate of cruelty.

4. The Seed of Fire:

Based on the ancient story of Prometheus in chains, precisely representing the music given by the gods to mankind (a reference to the great music names of all times), that manages to oppose all the clichés and adversities and resides in whoever has been inclined to welcome it inside themselves to cultivate it, in order to make their own dreams prosper. In this song we can enjoy the masterly collaboration of one of the most impressive voices of the Italian heavy scene, Roberto Tiranti, alias “Rob Tyrant”, (frontman Labyrinth, singer and bassist of Mangala Vallis, Wonderworld, Ken Hensley Live and Fire and the very Italian New Trolls).

5. My Cure:

It has the classic intention of the ballad, this song seeks to highlight a woman's devotion and love to her man, even knowing that he has done bad things in his life, staying beside him and taking care of him, while he is imprisoned and tortured for his crimes, similarly to the events of Loki and Sigyn.  

6. Phoenix:

Clear influences related to Sicilian popular music. It deals with a common dilemma in Sicily, a land made of cultural art, breath-taking landscapes, always a source of inspiration for men, now destroyed and tormented by innumerable social wounds that have made it a barren and desolate land; the mythical animal phoenix, represents in this context a double aspect, on one side, it represents the author tempted, like so many, to escape from this land he hates and loves at the same time and on the other side, a feeling of hope, that just like the phoenix, he and his land will rise from their ashes.

7. Ladro del Tempo:

Just like in the first album, it’s been presented an Italian track, which inspiration comes from the wars between Gods and Titans, just like the difficult relationship between parents and children is brought to light due to a generation gap and preconceptions that leave no room for an opening towards new horizons.

8. Trick or Treat:

Is linked to the legend of Jack o' Lantern to tell the story of a friendship that ended badly. He tries to take advantage of his friendship with people in order to take what he wants, thinking that he’s smarter than others but everyone realizes very quickly the real intentions, making him to lose everyone and destined to live alone forever.

9. The Call of Silence:

Based on the myth of Cthulhu, in an upturned view of life can be seen, in the dreamlike dimension, a loophole from the malaise of everyday reality and, where the true nightmares take form during the day, the night is the medium that carries the artist's inspiration, a space where one can feel safe.

10. The Ancient Rock:

Instrumental song that brings an ending of desperation and anguish, which somehow seems to help, creating awareness and hope for a better future and, thanks to the Ancient Rock, have the opportunity to "go back" to do things right.

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