Track By Tracks: Millennium - A New World (2019)

1. Give me a sign:

The loss of faith and belief in god through seeing the evil throughout the world. Seeing death, destruction, greed and hatred which continues to prevail and dominate.

2. World War 3:

Wealth gained through war by certain governments or elites. Selling weapons for financial gain not caring about the suffering and death it will cause,

3. A New World:

The possibility of another life form saving a selected number of people from this world that we are destoying and taking them to another world and existance.

4. All out War:

The constant plague of war. Something we can't seem to stop. There's always a war somewhere in the world that's an endless rotation.

5. King of Kings:

The battle of the kings and which king we choose to serve. A battle between good and evil, Angels and demons.

6. Assassin:

The assassin who is sent to kill anyone who is a threat to those in power. Someone who knows the secrets and corruption of the elites and governments of this world and who could expose them.

7. Summon the Dragons:

Using a potion and mystic powers to bring back to life dragons to serve in battle to defeat an enemy.

8. Kill or be killed:

A world that's been destroyed by war and those who remain alive fight for survival by killing others in a situation of kill or be killed.

9. Obsolete:

Robots have taken over the world where they take the place of humans in the work place. With the need of human workers diminished they become obsolete and no use to society. Robots are then sent out to eliminate those who are obsolete.

10. Victory:

A moment in time and life for someone to succeed in their ambition. A moment of realization and to sieze this moment while it's there.

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