Track By Tracks: Quiescency - Message For Lamb (2019)

The main themes of the album "Message for Lamb" are the censure of the vices of political life in modern countries. The first and the last tracks of album are the tracks whose leitmotif is the theme of death.

1. The Final Embrace:

The composition tells about the moment of approaching the death of each person! What is a person thinking lying on his deathbed? Was he proud of his life, sorry whether about their deeds. Was a person's life full of happy or woeful moments? Our end is always the same, but the way of life is different for everyone.

2. Within the Chaos:

The text talks about government leaders. About their loud speeches, empty promises. Greed and hypocrisy. About the chaos and confusion in which leaders plunge their countries their inept actions.

3. Message for Lamb:

An appeal to people to assert their legal rights, to fight arbitrariness. Without our own voice, we will finally lose our right to decide something, people sitting "upstairs"will do it for us for their own sake.

4. There is No One Left:

A text about the meaninglessness of a wars of the past and present. About lost millions of lives, about the depreciation of the concept of "life".

5. The Ruins:

Each of us has been given a wonderful gift - life. It can be difficult for us, life constantly gives us tests so that we become stronger. Learn from these challenges! Don't bend! Only this way you will become stronger and make this world a better place!

6. Manipulating the Masses:

Instrumental composition about various ways of manipulating people's minds. Media and Internet resources are some of the best sources of lies that people “from above spread. The necessary information flows into unprepared minds every day, forcing the consciousness to lose the correct guidelines, to forget where black and white are.

7. Viscerate:

Condemnation of totalitarian and dictatorial regimes of government from which millions have been affected and destroyed, all over the world. Text is a metaphor; narration is on behalf of maniac pursuing his victim.

8. Leeches:

A portrait of a typical politician who cares only about his own well-being and the possibility of becoming even richer. He does not care what will happen to the people, his "holy" goal is always justifies the means.

9. Facing the creator:

The final track continues the theme of the first track - the theme of death. This is an assumption about life after death, meeting with God, the immortality of the soul.

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