Track By Tracks: THIRD CHAMBER - Harvesting Our Decay (2019)

Musically the EP is a journey through the history of old school death metal with interludes of more modern death metal aesthetics. Lyrically the album touches on the problems we see on constant repeat in today's modern constantly plugged in society

Lyrical Themes per song:

1. Parasitic Communion:

This song is about the control that modern religious organizations strive for in a time when fewer people are influenced by their calling. Religious organizations are constantly trying to be the moral compass of society all while participating in completely hypocritical and contradictory moral decisions that usually exploit and condemn the freedoms that we see peaceful everyday people enjoy. Religion is a lie and hateful cancer the world would be much better without. 

2. Mind Rot:

Today's social media addiction is a catalyst for the mental disorders we see growing on a daily basis. It is a web of lies, false truths, and a window into the shallow nature embedded in our primitive primate brains. The masterminds behind this technology use it to exploit users on a per-second basis. Like heroin on a constant drip, it beckons the addicted back to its coil all under the guise of friendly connectivity to family and friends who clearly are living much better lives than yourself.

3. Choke:

The pride of ignorance is the cancerous plague in today’s society filled with selfish puppets who toe the line that is sold to them by the minute. Empathy is damned. 

4. Harvesting Our Decay:

Our environment is dying by our hands via the constant wars, exploitation of natural resources and endless pollution. We’re fucked and won’t survive the earth once the healing truly begins.

5. Terror Formed:

The media consumed by a majority of society is fear-mongering bull shit riddled with stories design to strike fear and spread hate. A media that benefits on chaos will not hesitate to help create what it needs to survive and keep people plugged in.

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