Track By Tracks: Xaon - Solipsis (2019)

All lyrics were written by vocalist Rob Carson.

The album follows the thematic of solipsism, the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist, it is not a concept album following a certain storyline but rather a collection of emotional responses triggered but such a notion developed through different angles. All tracks have one word titles meant to reflect the epitome of solitude that solipsism reflects.

1. Monolith:

“My quintessence torn at the edge of the Phaneron”

The fall of everything thought to be intransigently true upon seeing behind what the mind was led to believe, the breaking of the pillars of your constructed reality and the first step towards the concept of solipsism.

2. Carillon:

“Cursed be the spawn who rings the Carillon And finds solace in oblivion” 

Probably my favorite line of the album, so much so that we actually put it on a shirt. Carillon is the mind apocalypse, the last rampart between constructed sanity and the storm of Chaos, the chiming of the bells celebrating that storm and bringing you back as the center of the universe you are.

3. Solipsis:

“What happens in your mind when you are really all alone”

The title track of the album and our 1st single release from it, perhaps its embodiment, surely its personification. If all is but a reflection of my mind then all is one, the universe is you and therefore you are the universe, or perhaps being absolutely alone makes one crave for any sort of belonging. “Solipsis, make me one with the universe”.

4. Mobius:

“Come to light Mobius”

A fascinating mathematical concept, a 3-dimensional figure with only one side, “up is down and down is up”, or in other words, “as above, so below”, a first step into rebirth through Alchemy and the next step of solipsism's all is one.

5. Eros:

“If I had wings I’d cut them off and build a cross for my grave”

Perhaps the hardest text I've ever written. Solipsism being the epitome of solitude also means total abandonment from everyone you held dearly, the betrayal of love and losing yourself before Jung's animus. It is also our 2nd music video for this album that we released very recently.

6. Cipher:

“Arrogant plumes from squawking gulls Fathomless codex of winged wills” 

Finding solipsism through automatic writing and triggering remote viewing, a fascinating concept launched by Enochian magic practitioners all the way to classified army paranormal projects, being given information from a higher plane or perhaps that was innate and needed a certain conscious state to unlock.

7. Beast:

“When all is just darkness and the pain is great Love what you become, become what you hate”

Anger unleashed and transformed, an annihilating release of energy propulsing you into a higher realm of consciousness and symbiosis within the universe.

8. River:

A last minute addition to the album, intended as an introduction to “Mask”, a simple slither of the water of life slowly bowling up and transforming into something else.

9. Mask:

“Plague holds the mask A painted icy shrine Push the veil in efflorescence And herein lays the lie”

Mask is the lie we tell ourselves everyday, the false reflection we've created to hide the terrifying truths locked inside of us, slowly attempting to come out until they reach a cataclysmic breaking point.

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