Band Biographies: Holding Out

Holding Out are a three piece band from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The project originally began in the summer of 2016 as an acoustic act formed by lead vocalist and guitarist Ellis Paul, and eventually turned into a as the remaining members gradually joined. Since the band’s formation, they’ve played countless shows in their hometown with Tiny Moving Parts, The Bottom Line and Muncie Girls, as well as several sold-out headliners.

The band released their EP in December of 2018, “FED.UP,” which showed the band going for a much darker and heavier sound that still incorporated some more melodic elements as well. Now a three piece, the trio are currently preparing to release their next single, “Florida Man,” which shows them experimenting with and evolving their sound even further.

Taking influence from many different bands in various different subgenres of rock, Holding Out mixes different elements from those subgenres to create a sound that makes them stand out in the punk rock scene.

Holding Out is:

Ellis Paul - Vocals/Guitar
Harrison Spry - Drums
Tomm Money - Bass/Vocals

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