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Band Biographies: HYPERIA

HYPERIA are known for their wailing vocals, shredding guitars and fast, heavy music. Formed by Colin and Marlee Ryley in September 2018, they found 3 members from the metal community and hit the ground running. With the release of their debut EP "FISH CREEK FRENZY", HYPERIA has been thrashing venues and have been taking the metal community by storm.

Colin and Marlee Ryley are former members of short lived Folk Metal band LOREMASTER and long lived Melodic Death Metal Band SKYMIR. Jordan Maguire is a past member of Black/Death Metal Band PECADO and David Kupisz and Scott DeGruyter are both long time members of the local music scene.

In 2019, HYPERIA signed with European Label "Sliptrick Records" who will be releasing their debut full length entitled"INSANITORIUM" worldwide later on this year.

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